For Adult Therapy clients ages 18 or older.

   New Adult Clients

(5-15 minutes)

   Returning Adult Clients

(3-8 minutes)

For Child and Adolescent Therapy clients ages 4 to 17.

  Parent Report for Child/Adolescent Clients

(7-10 minutes) Parents should complete this report. If the child/adolescent client is 12-17 years old then he or she should also complete the self report form below.

  Child/Adolescent Self Report- ages 12-17

(7-10 minutes) Child/Adolescents that are 12-17 should complete this self report themselves.

For Couples Therapy clients.

   Couples Therapy Clients

(3-5 minutes)


Your clinician may ask you to complete certain questionnaires before each session.

If you are unable to log into your questionnaires (for example, you receive a note 'User Not Found' when entering your Initials and Date of Birth) please inform your clinician.

Custom Option

Alternate Selections:

  Parent Report for Child/Adolescent Clients (Quick) (3-7 minutes)

  Child/Adolescent Self Report (Quick) (3-7 minutes)

  Custom (time varies)